Do You Work for Your Practice or Does Your Practice Work for You?


If you are satisfied with your work life, stop reading. If you have all the money you want for retirement, stop reading. If your practice works for you rather than the other way around, stop reading.

For those of you STILL reading… please consider the following.

Put Your Practice to Work

Many attorneys get run into the ground and suffer burn out. Who is the culprit nine times out of ten? The attorney is. Why? Because their practice is running their life, and they don’t know how to change their course. Our answer? Put your practice to work for YOU!

Lost Opportunities

How many lost opportunties to increase wealth¬† and security for you and your loved ones are you passing up? Opportunities to build a nest egg for retirement? Opportunities to raise and improve your lifestyle? You hear about these amazing mass tort settlements while you bang it out 80 hours a week. Lost opportunties indeed. We’re about to change that.

ASA Puts You In Control

ASA has a Nationwide Referral Partnership Network that leverages your practice and hard earned law license to maximum benefit without the heavy lifting and upfront fees. We put you in control and your practice to work. This is great for semi-retired, work at home, sabatticals, or anyone who wants better control of their life and time, while increasing wealth. 

Never any front fees. We provide a FREE CONSULTATION.

Fill out our contact form and we will contact you with full program details and your 100% FREE CONSULTATION. No obligation. Get started today!