No Risk Qualified Leads

Don’t tie up your capital waiting for leads that may or may not pay off.

Starting in 1998 we have seen it all. And early on we would advance money to vendors promising the world. Only to be disappointed in leads that were not qualified, leads that tied up our capital for months, and in some cases leads that never showed up and lead companies that could no longer be found.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and I’m sure experienced. That has ended!

There is never a front or advance fee for our highly qualified leads that turn into your cases.

We generate and send you the leads you have told us you want. You create the type case and the qualifications that meet your standards. We then generate those cases and submit them to you and you decide to keep or reject them. You then pay us only for those selected. That’s it!

Some present cases we are generating every day are:

3M Military Earplug Victims | RoundUp | Allergan Breast Implants |

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse (very difficult) | Disability

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